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Workplace Safety Tips

Here are Five Rules in Workplace Safety Management

During the process of safety management there are actually rules of human behavior that must be taken into consideration. If the rules are violated then you lose the chance in having a safe workplace environment. These rules is simple but has a great impact to having a safer workplace.


Here are the five rules in workplace safety management:


A.) Consistency


Consistency could be applied to a lot of different situations and this has a big impact on the behavior of humans. When a person is consistent, other people trust them because being consistent could lead to being trustworthy. Here is a an example where consistency is displayed, during your safety briefing and you had an agreement that you will not be blamed for any accidents that might happen and just in case this situation happens you need to be firm and stick with your previous decision.




If you would like to let your employees know and get your message then you need to use the process of repetition. Repetition will help in making sure that the safety message will be known by the employees. Keep in mind that safety management system is not an event but it is a process. You could remind your employees about the safety measures on your workplace by having short briefings about the safety procedures at the start of the shift. Your employees will comply with the rules if you make your safety briefings interesting, valuable and relevant.


C.) Involvement


This is the key to a good system for safety management. In order for you to get control you should also give control. Everyone who is part of the workplace will contribute in making safe working practices.


D.) Positive reinforcement


This is the first tool in safety management. Safe behavior would help in creating a safer workplace. You should go around on your workplace and check your employees who are working safely then tell them you appreciate what they doing. This is harder than it sounds but this  really works. Your effort will be all worth it and you will see that they will continue work safely.


E.) Common sense


This is important in having a workplace safety management. Even if you tell all the rules to your employees but they do not have the common sense in keeping their working environment safe then the rules will be useless. That is why the involvement of your employees in safety management is very important.